Szeroka 125/126

Szeroka 125/126


Gdańsk, ul. Szeroka 125/126


A group of three tenement houses including one at the corner of the intersection of Szeroka and Panska street. Façades reconstructed in a very simplified form having a very modest detail. However, located at the one of the busiest crossroads in the Main Town, which for many visitors is the first contact with the historic part of Gdansk. At this point, there are many commercial premises and shops and it is why the issue of arrangement of aesthetics associated with the banners become for the authors major challenge.

Two facades which have the simplest form was restored and have gained a refreshed color scheme. Specific artistic activities focused on the corner building, holding two facades with slightly richer architectural detail and being although slightly higher which makes it compositional dominant of this intersection.

Artist Jan Kolodziej, at the empty windowless walls, made a sgraffito of pre-war city plan, reflecting to the degree of fulfilment of former urban fabric. This contrasts with the large extensive courtyards in present days, and incompleteness of urbanism in the Main Town.

On the other hand artist Sebastian Bozek with restorer Barbara Brzuskiewicz focused on a new form of signboards for premises located on the ground floor and basement of the building. With seamlessly integrated lettering in the area of the frieze above the ground floor and calming colors, the building gained a the representative character of the tenement corresponding to the commercial nature of the pre-war city.



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