Warzywnicza 10 - "Ogarna Szeroka od nowa"

Warzywnicza 10 - "Ogarna Szeroka od nowa"


Gdańsk, ul.Warzywnicza 10


A complex of buildings situated in the quarter of Straganiarska, Świętojańska, Warzywnicza and Fisheries Embankment. In the third edition of the project in this quarter started from renovation of the facades facing the street Warzywnicza. Part of the facade has gained a number of painted decoration and sgraffito.

The authors of the "shoal of fish" and "a pair of salmons" is Marta and Michal Wirtel.

Sgraffito and mural depicting scenes with a fishermen - prof.Jacek Zdybel

Mural in filling a niche which marks fake entrance on the ground floor depicting the scene of typical ordinary Gdansk workshop. - Sebastian Bozek



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