Ogarna 35/36

Ogarna 35/36


Gdańsk, ul. Ogarna 35/36


Building in the module of two tenements in the vicinity of the intersection ul.Ogarnej and Słodowników. Both facades tenements rebuilt in a modest form of historicizing. First on the right received the work of three artists. Mariusz Burdek created concrete bas-relief representing ornament above the entrance to the building. Thanks to it the proportions of the entrance to the building have lengthened, giving it a more slender character and emphasizing the role of the entrance portal. The second work, which was on the façade is the work of Dmitry Alice and the bulb-Fankidejskich. They created in the half height of the façade frieze of glazed ceramics representing dogs being referred to the history of Ogarna street.

In the neighboring facade which a storefronts, Tomasz Kucharski has created a two-level signboard painting, carrying the main inscription above the upper level of the windows of the first floor gained visually more traditional proportions of elevation referring to the high hall in Gdansk houses.




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